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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Please feel free to send any comments at Please add subject: art website,  so it will not wind up in spam. I would love to hear from you.

A pricelist for my paintings is available upon request. I also love to do work on consignment.  That not only includes my paintings, large and small, but my Artcards by Carla which are one of a kind and done by hand, which can be ordered thematically, as invitations or individual themes.

I also have started adding content to some shops and other webs. 

ArtPal,com has my paintings, but cards, designs, and prints. 

Shops you can order directly so check out also, RedBubble,com.  These are under my name, carlamele.


You can always reach me through my email addresses:, 

I will gladly call you back for  future creations, discussions of such and where I may be showing.  I am also in process of setting up my apartment for viewing.

Thank you again!!!

Carla Mele

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